BINGHAMTON, NY – A restaurant that takes pride in offering a wide range of food, just opened up a location in Binghamton.

Originating from New York City, American Grill is a veteran-owned business.

Over the summer, it opened up 2 locations at Chenango Valley State Park, which will be re-opening soon.

A couple months ago, it established a third location inside the downtown Binghamton bus hub on Chenango Street.

American Grill employee Anca Kochis, says she judges restaurants based on their French fries, and they have the best ones.

“What is neat about us is we offer American food and Spanish food, the diversity is really fun to be part of. Just come check us out,” says Kochis.

It will be open daily from 7 to 5.

If you want to try the food but can’t make it to the bus station, you can order through Grub Hub.

Kochis added that it’s also important for them to give back to the community, so they volunteer their time at soup kitchens as well.

You can find American Grill Chenango on Facebook, Instagram and its website.