ALBANY, NY – Alcohol-to-go is back! The New York State Legislature approving it in the newly passed state budget. But in order to get a to-go-cup, you need to buy substantial food to go with it.

On Monday, the New York State Liquor Authority providing some clarity as to what types of food customers need to buy to go along with their alcohol-to-go orders.

Items like sandwiches, soups, salads, hotdogs, and wings are considered substantial food items. But a bag of chips, candy, or even just a handful of lettuce are not. Restaurant owner, Dominick Purnomo has been an advocate for alcohol-to-go.

“During the pandemic, it was certainly a vital lifeline. A lot of people were getting takeout food and they wanted the restaurant experience at home and that includes some of the cocktails that we have that have five, six, seven, different ingredients in it. It’s not things that people have stocked in their home bar, it’s not things that people probably have the time or the patients for. This allows them to create that experience once again in the comfort and the convenience of their own home,” says Purnomo.

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy sponsored a bill for alcohol-to-go. She credits her colleagues in the Assembly as well as the Governor for getting it passed. She says to her, this is about so much more than just promoting alcohol.

“This is about making sure that we support the economic revitalization of our main streets and our downtown quarters that have suffered so much during COVID,” says Fahy.

Alcohol-to-go has been authorized for the next three years and it prohibits restaurant owners from selling full bottles of alcohol to customers.

The state liquor authority also making it clear, that the contents of a bottle of wine or liquor cannot be transferred into to a same or equivalent bottle. This would be a violation of law.