ALBANY, NY – Lawmakers are back in Albany to pass more gun legislation.

This is in direct response to the Supreme Court’s decision calling New York’s century old concealed Carry law unconstitutional because of its proper cause requirement.

NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine has an update on this extraordinary session.

At this point, new gun legislation has yet to be printed and voted on. I’m told discussions are still being held to make sure they are constitutional. Governor Hochul on Wednesday, giving a preview of what the new bills will entail.

In a press conference, the Governor hochul defined what would constitute as sensitive locations where concealed carry would not be allowed.

Federal, state local government buildings.
• Heath and medical facilities
• Places where children gather: daycares, parks, zoos, playgrounds,
• public transportation: subways, busses
• Educational institutions

When it comes to private businesses, a sign would have to be posted that welcomes concealed carry. New legislation would also require over 15 hours of training to get a permit, a background check to purchase ammunition, and updates to the safe storage law, that would require guns to be locked up in a household with people 18 years-old and younger.

“I support it, for sure. What we are trying to do is, allow for what the Supreme Court said we should allow for, but at the same time make sure concealed carry is regulated in the best interest of the public.”

Assemblyman Chris Tague on the other hand, says at this point, lawmakers are still waiting to see the exact language of the legislation.

“I’m sure I’ll be voting no, but I didn’t get a chance to read it.”

I’m told it will be long night for lawmakers. We are still waiting to hear if the governor or leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins will be holding a press conference on the topic.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.