BINGHAMTON, NY – Senator Fred Akshar and his family went to file his petitions to run for the office of Broome County Sheriff today.

Akshar says that over the past several weeks, he was able to collect over 3,100 signatures from registered Republicans in Broome County.

These 3,100 signatures is over 3 times the number required to be put on the ballot.

Akshar adds that he is grateful for all the support he’s gotten not just from Republican voters, but non-republican as well.

He says it’s time the Sheriffs office has a principle leader and someone willing to work across the political aisle.

“Someone who is willing to stand up for the men and women who work so hard on a daily basis to protect this community and one who has the ability to bring people together to have very difficult conversations about how we not only move the agency forward but how we move the community forward in a very positive way and I firmly believe I am that person,” says Akshar.

Akshar is poised to face Broome County Sheriff’s Office Captain Kate Newcomb in the general election.
Newcomb, who is running as a Democrat, plans to turn her petitions in tomorrow.