NEW YORK (WIVT/WBGH) – Tonight, Aaron Judge will have the opportunity to tie and break Roger Maris’ American League record of 61 regular-season home runs; unfortunately, some New Yorkers wont even be able to watch the game.

Major League Baseball signed a contract with Apple before the season that puts several Friday night MLB games throughout the year behind an Apple TV pay wall. Those who subscribe can watch, those who don’t may be out of luck.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is urging the MLB and Apple TV to make an exception and air tonight’s game on YES Network so that millions of New Yorker’s don’t miss out on what could be a historic night.

“History is in the making as Aaron Judge electrifies Yankees fans, and everyone who loves baseball. To deny millions of New Yorkers, and fans around the nation, the opportunity to watch as Aaron Judge steps up to the plate, is wrong and unfair. New Yorkers paid their cable bills expecting to see live sports programming. Now they are being asked to pay extra if they want to watch this exciting home run chase, and potentially historic game. That is why I am calling on Apple and the MLB to reach a fair accommodation with the YES Network so that fans can watch what we all hope will be history made this evening.”

The MLB has responded and said that there are ways to watch the game for free. According to, you can log on to Apple TV and watch the game using your Apple ID. This will allow viewers to stream the game for free on a computer or smart TV.

Many older New York State residents could still miss out because they don’t have access to a smart TV or computer and rely on cable to watch their sporting events.

More to come on this developing story.