Cornell Cooperative Extension is using drones to help kids understand more about the STEM field.

The Drone Discover after school program was recently held at the CCE facility on Front Street in the Town of Dickinson.

As part of the 4H program, students learned about drone applications, computer coding and principles of flight.

Kids also had the opportunity to fly a drone and create their own using foam gliders with a camera attached to it.

The camera footage was then uploaded onto a computer for kids to view.

4H Educator Anne Glasgow says giving kids the opportunity to experiment with drones will motivate them to dig deeper.

“I think that it’s so necessary to teach STEM in a hands-on type of way. Drones are perfect. They’re cool and everyone loves them. It gets them hooked then they want to go deeper into the science and engineering,” said Glasgow.

Glasgow along with her colleagues developed the program curriculum that was used throughout the entire country.

It was held in conjunction with the National Lights On Afterschool Week, an initiative highlighting afterschool programs.