ALBANY, NY – Some New York State lawmakers and advocates are celebrating the expected passage of the Adult Survivors Act.

As NewsChannel 34’s Amal Tlaige shows us, the bill would create a one year “lookback window” to allow victims of sexual assault, 18 years or older, to file a lawsuit against their offender.

Advocates say New York’s current statute of limitations gives survivors a narrow window to report the assault.

This bill would allow victims to file a retroactive claim against their abuser or an institution that may have covered up the abuse.

Some lawmakers who are also survivors, gathered with a united front as they shared their personal testimonies.

Assemblywoman and survivor Jessica González, says there is nothing that can undo the sadness, pain and confusion that are a result of sexual abuse, but this bill gives some semblance of justice.

“It is because of each and every survivor that has told their story over and over and over again I feel held, and I feel loved, and I feel validated.”

Key sponsor, Senator Brad Hoylman says the passage of this bill would be a real life line for survivors but also many others.

“This is a new avenue for justice, not only for the survivor but also to identify predators who still may be in places of employment like hospitals, like schools where this abuse may have sadly occurred.”

Marissa Hoechstetter is a survivor of sexual abuse. She says this bill is all about putting the power back into the hands of the survivor.

“You do not even need to exercise that power to know that you now have it. To be here, and to feel that and to know what we have accomplished and be able to accomplish no matter what else happens.. Its an amazing feeling.”

The Adult Survivors act passed unanimously in the Senate, and is expected to pass in the Assembly today.

Reporting at the Capitol, Amal Tlaige.

The Assembly did pass the bill late this afternoon.

It now goes to Governor Hochul’s desk for her signature.