JOHNSON CITY N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Davis College has been sold by Adam Weitsman to Birchwood Management Group for $4.5 million.

Weitsman purchased the 13-acre property for $3.7 million back in 2019 and soon after, sold two nearby apartment buildings included with the campus to local realtor Liam Burns for $1.3 million, bringing the total sale to $5.8 million.

Birchwood Management Group is from downstate, specifically, the hamlet of Hopewell Junction, New York. Birchwood says that the end goal is to adapt the facility into the first ever Artificial Intelligence University.

AIU would be a technical school dedicated to teaching the soft skills necessary to develop and engineer artificial intelligence applications.

One of the partners with Birchwood Management, Greg Purdy says that the facility has been kept up very nice, and they want to take advantage of the booming AI industry, and the layout of the campus.

“The space is such an excellent location, right on the river there, 13 acres. There’s even an ability to split it off and have different things going on. And it’s got such symmetry, and really creates this tight knit community, and that’s why I almost think to have some specialized type of force there for education would be so impactful and it could bring a whole other dynamic to the community,” said Purdy.

Birchwood says that another option that they are considering is to turn the facility into an assisted living opportunity for seniors.

The management group has other development projects underway in upstate New York, including a 175-unit housing facility in Syracuse.

Birchwood stresses that it is turning to the community to gather feedback, questions, concerns, and other ideas for what the space could be. They urge the public to reach out and leave your thoughts on the acquisition, and about the college moving forward.

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Closing on the former college is expected to take place in approximately 60 days.