BINGHAMTON, NY – A local group home operator has seen its employees drastically change their own lives to ensure the lives of those they care for stay as normal as possible.

Workers at ACHIEVE, a provider of services for those with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities, have had to take their care for the residents to another level.

Employees at all the ACHIEVE home sites are under a shelter-in-place protocol, with the workers staying in the homes to care for the residents in two-week increments.

The two week shifts allow the employees to ensure the residents are able to maintain some sort of normalcy during the crisis.

Both Raffe Morehead and Trista Parker are in their final few days of their two-week shift, and are in awe of the work done by all the employees.

“The fact that so many people were able to step up, and come forward, and do something like this, it juts speaks volumes. You know, ACHIEVE isn’t just a company. It’s a community, it’s a big family. I just wanted to make sure that everybody’s recognized for the remarkable work that they’re doing here,” says Morehead.

“I think we’re very lucky to have staff as dedicated as we do. We had so many people willing to step up and put their lives on hold to come and serve these individuals. I think ACHIEVE is so extremely lucky with that,” says Parker.

Employees have been keeping the resident’s spirits up with activities throughout the weeks, including an Easter celebration this past Sunday.