BINGHAMTON, NY – Artists in the Binghamton Area were addressed today at the Broome County Arts Council’s Artisan Gallery.

ACHIEVE of Broome County partnered with Jablon studios and the BCAC to launch ornaments produced by local artists.

The artists were on hand with their custom-made ornaments to discuss them with people.

The glass works were made to be ornaments for a Christmas tree, and featured one ornament made in the shape of a red snowman.

Artist Emily Jablon says the artists produced the best works she had ever seen from Binghamton.

“They are some of the best glass-artists I have seen in Binghamton. I truly believe there is a niche for their work, and an income stream as well. So this is wonderful because not only does it make them viable aspects of our community as well as our economy, and it gives them a chance to be self-sufficient artists,” says Jablon.

Jablon has been working with ACHIEVE for about a year.

She also says the producers now have a source of income on their own.

She says the next item on the agenda will be coasters and night lights.