BINGHAMTON, NY – A judge has thrown out a harassment charge against a former candidate for Binghamton Mayor.

Judge Seth Peacock of Ithaca tossed the charge in a ruling last month, finding that the accusation against Tarik Abdelazim was without merit.

Abdelazim is a former Deputy Mayor and Planning Director for Binghamton and was the Democratic candidate for Mayor in 2017.

The charge was brought by Councilwoman Sophia Resciniti last year, following a contentious City Council hearing regarding the use of federal pandemic recovery funds.

In her complaint, Resciniti accused Abdelazim of threatening to come to her home to intimidate her and her family and that he referred to her as an “f-ing” b-word.

Abdelazim strenuously denies having said that, claiming only to have said that he and other activists would be back.

Peacock ruled that even if Abdelazim had made the alleged statement, that it would have been protected political speech and did not constitute a clear and present danger nor risk of injury.

Abdelazim is calling for the resignation of Resciniti who is currently running for the Republican nomination for the 123rd Assembly district.

Resciniti stands by her story and says she has witnesses who corroborate her story that Abdelazim threatened to come to her house, as activists had done previously several months before.