The Summer Savoyards will be performing Gilbert and Sullivan’s musical Yeoman of the Guard. The Savoyards have been performing Gilbert and Sullivan productions in Binghamton since 1961 with this being their 11th different show. Set in the Tower of London during the 16th century, the show draws its humor from the behavior of the characters from the many pun-laden one-liners. Summer Savoyards Chairman Dylan Ruffo says this is unlike most Gilbert and Sullivan musicals. One example he says is that in this one not all the characters find their happy ending.

“Just the nature of the production being different than the other 13 operas Gilbert and Sullivan wrote. This is one that’s really easy to sink your teeth into, it’s one that they clearly sunk their teeth into and really dug deep to make this one different. In that way it’s a really rewarding production to work on.”

Yeoman of the guard will be performed at Binghamton University’s Anderson Center Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and on Sunday at 3. Tickets are $22 or $20 for students and seniors.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or at