A majority of ballots have been counted for the DA Republican Primary


With the absentee ballots now counted, the picture of the very close Republican Primary for Broome County District Attorney’s race has become a lot clearer.

Just over 600 absentee ballots and around 80 affidavit ballots were tallied for the primary by the Broome County Board of Elections today. After the tally, Paul Battisti’s 137 vote lead he held over Mike Korchak on primary night has now grown to a margin of 173. While the results are still unofficial and have until July 15th to be certified, Battisti has claimed victory after seeing the results of the count. Korchak was trying to stay optimistic up until the very end.         

“At this point and time I can’t thank my committee and campaign people enough and the voters for being involved in the process. That’s what it comes down to it’s very important that every votes cotes an that everyone participates in the process. We’re happy that people did come out and vote but we’re going to reassess things at lunch and see where we go from here.”

In a statement shared on his Facebook page Battisti says “The voters have spoken. I’m humbled to have prevailed in the Primary Election for District Attorney following today’s careful count.”

He goes on to say “It’s an honor to have earned the trust of the Republican Primary voters but there is much more work to be done as we plan ahead for the upcoming November General Election.”

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