There are now five candidates in the running to be Governor of New York, but there is less known about the fifth candidate, Larry Sharpe.

“There is an underground movement.”

A movement, Sharpe says that will not only turn out in the millions to vote for him but also encourage others to do the same. 

“I draw Republicans, Democrats, Independents and those who don’t vote. That means I can win and why do I do that? I am a Libertarian. What does that mean? You can be as conservative or as liberal as you want to be, just don’t force your will on others.”

Sharpe says he has raised around $300,000 for his campaign.

However, compared to other candidates such as Governor Andrew Cuomo who spent over $26 million in the primary alone, it will be challenging for Sharpe to compete. He says he has found another outlet to reach constituents that he says is just as innovative as techniques Obama and Trump used. 

“I’m the anti-establishment candidate. I’m using Facebook and podcasts, I’m using the same underground stuff they used. No one saw them coming. No one sees me coming.”

Also, another challenging factor for Sharpe is that Libertarians rarely, if ever, get even five percent of the vote. But Sharpe says this year is different. 

“This is not your dad’s Libertarian party. It is a different party. It is a party that now says we are running real. We’re running hard, we’re raising money, we’re spending money, we’re showing you we have an answer.”

With Cynthia Nixon announcing that she will not run after her loss in the primary, the race is now down to five candidates – Governor Andrew Cuomo, Marc Molinaro, Stephanie Miner, Howie Hawkins, and Larry Sharpe. 

The election is November 6th.