A Binghamton woman gives birth to 3 healthy triplets


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – A bundle of joy times 3! A Binghamton woman has given birth to 3 healthy female triplets.

Defora Crawford had her babies at Wilson Hospital on May 23rd which happens to also be her birthday. The girls, who are fraternal rather than identical, are named Lyric, Trinity and Cymphony, although Crawford often refers to them as Babies A, B and C. While they were born at 33 weeks and weighing between 2 pounds 8 ounces and 4 pounds 8 ounces, all 3 girls are healthy and were able to come from Wilson’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit within 3 weeks of delivery.

Crawford, who also has a 16 year-old daughter named Daviona, says she only discovered she was pregnant after going to the doctor for flu-like symptoms. She was shocked to find out she was having triplets.

“I was scared.  The unknown was really scary.  And then the more and more that I was speaking to people, people said, ‘This is your blessing.’  My blessings are coming so I take it as a blessing and day-by-day I just do it

Crawford says staff at the NICU and her obstetrician couldn’t recall another set of African-American triplets being born in our area, although there aren’t any medical statistics kept to confirm or deny that. She says she’s receiving a lot of help from family and friends and that the girls are already developing their own personalities.

Crawford says she hopes they grow up to be a lawyer, a doctor and a judge.

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