BINGHAMTON, NY – Another parade was set to tour Hilltop Friday to celebrate not only a birthday, but a clean bill of health.

Cars circled around the front entrance of United Methodist Homes Hilltop Center to honor 88 year old Fran Davis for her birthday.

Born Carmella Frances DelVillano, everyone knows her as Fran.

Many of Davis’ friends and family, some of whom she hasn’t seen in years, came out to show their love and support.

Davis was originally diagnosed with COVID-19 around April 14th when it was found that her care taker had tested positive for the virus.

However, on Tuesday she received 2 negative test results giving her the all clear.

Davis’ son Tom says he is so thankful to the staff at Hilltop for taking such great care of his mother
Even though its a 10 hour trip here and back to visit, he says he wouldn’t miss this for the world.

“To see all the cars come through with the signs and everything, She was in full tears, so happy up there. I think she tried to pop the window out a couple times just to try and get close to everybody. But she’s on the phone communicating with us and she’s so happy and she’s thankful everyone would come out and do this for her,” says Davis.

Once the parade was over, those in attendance gathered to sing Happy Birthday.

The parade was organized by Davis’ daughter Lisa and put on by her kids Tom, Kristen and niece Bernie.

From us here at NewsChannel 34, Happy Birthday Fran!