BINGHAMTON, NY – In honor of National Inventors day, a local 6th grader took a negative situation and made it into a positive.

Windsor 6th grader Delaney Dixon contracted Lyme disease back in 2017.

Dixon suffered high fevers, rashes and soreness, among many other things.

While she is healthy now, she wants to make sure no one goes through what she did.

Dixon went to her father, Chris, with the idea of inventing a Tick Stik.

They then partnered with some Binghamton University mechanical engineering majors to help bring it to market.

“I was thinking, I don’t want to be checked anymore, this is uncomfortable. I had this vision in my head, a wand that could have a camera on it and a removable tool to help you remove and locate ticks,” says Dixon.

The BU students have been working on this for months and it’s finally in the prototype phase.

Dixon says she would eventually like to create a line of different tools designed to help locate and remove ticks.

She adds that she’s not in it for the money, but she made it a priority to fight Lyme’s disease so that’s what she is doing.