$5 million scratch-off lottery winner announced


A Harpursville man is set for life after buying a lucky scratch-off ticket.

William “Champ” Villecco of the hamlet of Tunnel was introduced by New York Lottery celebrity Yolanda Vega as Broome County’s newest millionaire.

Villecco bought a “Set For Life” ticket from one of the lottery vending machines at Wegman’s in Johnson City.

The top prize pays $5,000 a week for life although the 70 year-old retired purchasing agent opted for the single payout of nearly five million dollars.

After taxes, he’s taking home about two point seven million.

Villecco bought the ticket while on a quick trip to Wegman’s with his fiance, JoAnne Romanchek, but didn’t scratch it until he got home later.

He says that while it will allow them to do a lot more, the money won’t change his approach to life. 

“We’ve always lived a lifestyle where we take chances. We go on vacation, we do things, we like to live life.  We’re going to continue,” said Villecco.

Villecco bought Romanchek a new car and plans to get himself a new pickup.

They also plan to buy a second home in Florida and take a trip to Las Vegas.

Villecco is the second million dollar scratch-off winner at Wegman’s.

In 2011, George Metritikas of Vestal won two million dollars on an Extravaganza ticket.

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