ENDWELL, NY – Some students at Maine-Endwell Middle School demonstrated today how far technology has advanced since the days of the Pine Wood Derby.

Kids in the 7th grade technology class showed off the speed and creativity of their 3-D printed CO-2 vehicles.

Using certain specifications, the students used Computer Aided Design to come up with their custom shapes.

They were then produced using the school’s 3-D printers.

After assembling the wheel and axles, the cars were ready for the test track today.

By puncturing the CO-2 cartridges, the race cars flew down a track at speeds as fast as 61 miles per hour.

Technology Teacher Gary Hubman says it’s a perfect lesson in STEAM ,which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

“They do the engineering part, the design part which they really love that because obviously modern day students love the computers. So they are really engaged in that. And then for them to see what they’ve designed actually become a physical object, they really enjoy that,” says Hubman.

Hubman says the students were recognized not only for the speed of their cars, but for their artistic designs as well.

This is the third year that the school has made the race vehicles using 3-D printers rather than carving them from wood as was done years ago.