BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Another Binghamton eyesore was torn down this morning as the mayor announced the newest wave of demolitions.

28 Alfred Street on the city’s South Side was demolished this morning. Neighbors had been complaining that the property was in deplorable condition and contained asbestos.

Mayor Jared Kraham announced plans to demolish six other properties, 21 Andrews Avenue , 11 Duke Street, 74 Evans Street, 192 Henry Street, 80 Liberty Street, and 4 Alfred Street.

Kraham says that most of the vacant lots will be incorporated into the City’s Side Lot Program, making them available for purchase, or will remain as permanent green space.

“This is a great neighborhood here on the South Side. And this one eye sore, just a few minutes ago I was talking with a resident, it’s the one bad house really in this neighborhood. Now that the city is making this investment and knocking down this house, It will provide peace of mind for the residents here and improve property values,” said Kraham.

With the demolition at 4 Alfred Street, the City will expand Alfred Street Park.

The upcoming round of demolitions will bring the total number of properties torn down this year to 13.

Gorick Construction is handling the demolition process for just over 186 thousand dollars, paid for by a Community Development Block Grant.