BINGHAMTON, NY – Creativity and ingenuity were on display recently as local high schoolers competed with robots of their own design.

The 11th annual Robotics Competition took place this wqeek at SUNY Broome.

The collaboration between the college and STEM Hub featured 12 regional middle and high school teams.

Challenges included a programmed maze and picking up balls and putting them in a cylinder.

Associate Vice President and Dean of STEM and Health Sciences at SUNY Broome Michele Snyder says hands on learning engages the students.

“How we take our understanding of the world around us and use it for the good of the community. This is an opportunity for students to see that they do have those possibilities in front of them at all times in the STEM field,” says Snyder.

While teams from Seton and BOCES New Visions each won an individual challenge, Owego cleaned up the remainder of the awards, including 4 other challenges and the grand prize.