DELHI, N.Y. – (WIVT/WBGH) Delaware County Acting District Attorney Shawn J. Smith announced that the Delaware County Grand Jury indicted Benjamin W. Moyse, 45, of Delhi, for one felony charge and 10 misdemeanors on August 3.

Moyse, a former 10th grade teacher at Delaware Academy, was charged with one count of Criminal Facilitation in the Third Degree, a Class E Felony. The indictment alleges that Moyse intentionally aided someone under the age of 16 in the possession and distribution of child pornography. The allegation comes from incidents that began August 3, 2020 and continued until November 28, 2022.

He was also indicted with five separate counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, each are Class A Misdemeanors. Moyse is alleged to have knowingly participated in a course of conduct that was likely to have affected the physical, mental or moral well-being of five children.

He also faces 2 Counts of Official Misconduct, which are also Class A Misdemeanors. As a teacher and public servant, it’s alleged that Moyse failed to follow the school’s policy and procedures when students and parents repeatedly reported to him that students were being sexually abused. It is alleged that the defendant failed to take any action in response to these numerous reports.

Moyse also faces three Class A Misdemeanors for allegedly being a mandated reporter, and failing to report child abuse or maltreatment that was disclosed to him, on separate occasions, by his students and his students’ parents.