BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Vestal Asphalt is the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Business of the Week.

The company started in 1969 when founder Neil Guiles bought and refurbished a bulldozer and began his own excavation business.

Now, the company does road work throughout New York and Pennsylvania.

A majority of the work at Vestal Asphalt is done on city and county roads.

The company provides a variety of services, such as sealing cracks, coal paving, and the grinding of roads.

The Director of Human Resources and Safety at Vestal Asphalt, Mark Ward, said that the company has a 95 percent retention rate with its employees.

“If your people aren’t happy in doing a good job then you’re not going to be doing business,” said Ward. “If your employees are happy and are doing a good job, business comes to you. And that’s what happens here, from everything I’m seeing. So I believe in supporting the community whether its myself or my wife individually or a part of the company. Just to say thank you because they’re why I’m here.”

Ward said that every person he has assisted in hiring this year was referred by someone else.

He said that Vestal Asphalt has at least 2 crews out working every day.

You can get more information of services and pricing on their website at