BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Last month, three East Middle School students acted quickly to save a woman in danger.

On October 24th, Isaiah DeJesus Malachi Bell and Logan Ostrander were walking to school and were just a few blocks from East Middle when they witnessed a collision between two vehicles.

The school district says that the crash caused the airbags to deploy in one of the vehicles, and smoke filled the air.

DeJesus says there were cracks in the window, and he hit it forcibly to open it, which allowed them to open the door.

The boys did not hesitate and used keys to cut the airbag so that they could get to the woman at the wheel.

Last week, Binghamton’s Superintendent Tonia Thompson held an award ceremony to commemorate the student’s actions and provide them with a certificate of gratitude.

Superintendent of Binghamton City School District Tonia Thompson says, “And so without hesitation, these two, three young men proceeded to break open the window safely and retrieve this woman from the car and have 911 come and safe the woman. And just incredible, without hesitation.”

Ostrander said that after safely removing the woman from the vehicle, they picked up glass and placed it on the sidewalk to avoid any flat tires.

Even with the unexpected walk to school, the students still made it to class on time.