BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The second day of testimonials in the trial of a Colesville man accused of shooting a state trooper last June was held at Broome County Court today.

Jason Johnson is on trial for attempted murder and his father David Johnson is accused with tampering of evidence.

The victim in the case, New York State Trooper Becky Seager, was called up to the stand today to testify.

She says that after the incident, she has been in constant pain and cannot go about her daily life the way that she always has.

On June 9th, 2021, Seager heard over a police scanner that there was a report of shots fired on East Windsor Road in Colesville.

She prepared her gear and responded to the Johnson residence located on East Windsor Road near Thorn Hill Road.

When Seager arrived at the scene, she was told via radio to stay roughly a quarter of a mile south of the residence and stop any traffic attempting to enter the area.

Seager says that soon after she was parked, a truck was approaching the scene, so she waved down the driver and had them leave the area.

After redirecting the vehicle, she was walking back to her Trooper car when she felt, what she describes, as a bite in her hip region. She says she heard the sound of a gunshot after she could already feel the pain.

Seager fell to the ground, but was able to crawl to the passenger side of her vehicle and radio to nearby officers that she had been shot.

After her fellow officers arrived to assist her into a State Trooper vehicle, she was transported farther South where she was then transferred to an ambulance that transported her to the nearest hospital.

Seager says that since the incident, she has developed anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

She says she suffers from what is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which affects both mind and body.

She has not returned to work in the fourteen-months since the incident.

Seager now limps when she walks, and says she has to use a wheelchair whenever going out on family trips; she also says she cannot carry her son up or down stairs anymore or take her dogs to the park.

Today, Judge Cawley’s court room was filled with State Troopers in support of Becky Seager’s testimony.

The trial continues tomorrow in Judge Cawley’s room in Broome County Court.