With record snow-fall in Greater Binghamton, and thousands of houses without power, families have struggled to make-do.

With local schools and businesses closed today throughout the region, families are cooped up with no electronics. Not having internet access or a working TV is one thing, but not being able to cook and feed one’s family is far more serious.

With a family of his own, Binghamton resident Ernest Bryan says he’s losing patience with the lack of electricity. “Step up and do your job. That’s all I’m asking them to do. All the innocent people, innocent kids without no heat now, they don’t need to go through that. They just need to fix the electric and just move on.”

The Red Cross is opening two shelters; Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church at the corner of Oak and Main Streets in Binghamton, and the Deposit Fire Station on Second Street. The Tioga County Emergency Management Office announced that NYSEG will be distributing dry ice and possibly water this evening at the Public Safety Building parking lot at 103 Corporate Drive in Owego this evening until 7:30.
Updates can be found at NYSEG.com.