BUFFALO, NY – Before Payton Gendron allegedly massacred ten people in a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday, he apparently wrote a detailed description about killing a cat, and posting the photos of the animal online.

In Gendron’s twisted, personal diary, which is nearly six-hundred pages long, he details the event of murdering a feral cat. The stray cat was apparently attacking Gendron’s cat, Paige, which prompted him to continuously stab the stray with an army knife.

Afterwards, he called his mother, and she gave him a box to place the animal in.
Gendron dug a shallow grave to bury the cat, and wrote, I don’t feel anything about killing the cat. I thought I would be in pain, but I literally just feel blank.

The Senior Director of TeachKind from PETA, Marta Holmberg released a statement yesterday saying the FBI warns that harming animals is a sign of more carnage to come. Amid an epidemic of youth violence, PETA is rushing its empathy-building curriculum to schools in Gendron’s school district.

Broome county District Attorney Mike Korchak held a press conference yesterday detailing the Red Flag Law.

District Attorney Mike Korchak says, “Well he did fall through the cracks as far as the system goes; however, when you look at the defendant individually, you had 17-year-old-high school student who had never been treated for mental illness before. Obviously he was suffering from some sort of delusion or mental illness when you look at the writings you can tell; however, if a person does not have a history of mental illness, how do you prepare for that.”

Gendron appeared in court today and the hearing was roughly four-minutes long.
He was indicted on first degree murder and is to be kept in jail without bail until he returns to court on June 9th.