July 4th weekend is the busiest time of year for fireworks stores across the country. Locally, Mess’s Fireworks in Great Bend, Pennsylvania get busier with each passing year.

The store has been operating for over twenty years, and owner Jerry Mess says that each year, people come in looking for bigger fireworks.

Mess’s proximity to New York makes it a hot-spot for New York residents buying in Pennsylvania and bringing back into their communities.

Manager at Mess’s Fireworks, Andrew Merrell, estimates that about 90% of the customers that are coming in to buy fireworks are New Yorkers.

Manager at Mess’s Fireworks, Andrew Merrell says, “It all happens in one month, but the work for the store happens for the past year. Everything leading up to this is all done throughout the winter months; we get all of our stuff in, in the winter months and we just look forward to this time and seeing it pay off.”

Merrell says that P.A. residents used to be limited with what they could purchase from the store; however, recently, a new law was passed that lifted the restriction of certain fireworks for Pennsylvania residents.

He also reminds New Yorkers that they can buy whatever they wish in the store, but it is their responsibility to understand the regulations in their local communities.

Merrell says that the top selling fireworks this year have been Mess’s own brand of mortars.