HARPURSVILLE, NY – If you enjoy close encounters with exotic animals, a unique opportunity has come to our area.

Animal Adventure, celebrating its 10th year, has added their newest exhibit to the park’s list of close encounters.

Tucker, the twenty year-old South American Tapir arrived just a couple weeks ago. The tapir is most closely related to the rhino and the horse.
One of the most unique aspects of tapirs is that they have a trunk similar to an elephant. Tapirs are endangered, with roughly only 4,500 living in the wild.

Lead Keeper at Animal Adventure, Lisa Kusminsky says, “He’s very friendly, he’s very food motivated, he loves to be scratched. So a lot of the time when we’re cleaning we do get a little distracted cause we scratch him with a brush and he lays down, and he wants belly scratches. So, he’s a little distracting in that aspect but he’s a lot of fun.”

Another recent addition to the park are the two-week-old capybara sisters, Kiwi and Coconut. Capybara’s are the world’s largest rodent.
You can feed, pet, and play with these animals with the close encounters program at Animal Adventure Park.
For news and information, visit their website https://theanimaladventurepark.com/Page/home