WHITNEY POINT, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – In the fall of 2022, the Whitney Point Field Hockey team won their seventh state championship in 12 years, an accomplishment they celebrated on Wednesday night.

A ring and jacket ceremony was held at Whitney Point high school, with members of the varsity team receiving recognitions for the accomplishments of the season.

An event to celebrate an incredible team, one that brought back some great memories as well.

“It’s amazing because honestly, it just replayed in my head the whole time,” Senior Midfielder Brenna Bough said. “Just the weekend being there, and it just replayed constantly of just all the memories that we made. And yeah, it can’t get greater than this.”

The fond memories of another championship run for the Eagles were made even better when trying to prove people wrong.

“I think last year was really hard to top but we did it this year,” Senior Middle Back Delana James said. “I think the best part of it was the fact that no one thought that we could do it. So, coming back again and kinda finishing the season with another big win was the best part of it and coming back with everybody.”

If anyone did think the Eagles could not do it, they were wrong.

Whitney Point went undefeated on their way to that Class C state championship.