CONKLIN, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Susquehanna Valley Volleyball team swept Windsor 3 sets to 0.

First set, Lilly Devine with the lunging effort to keep the play alive, it would set up a spike from Ashlyn Decosse for the early point for the Black Knights.

Later on, Windsor serving, the Sabers doing a nice job here and Meagan Hannigan gets it past Windsor to earn the point for the home side.

Keep it going, Hannigan once again, Windsor unable to get a clean block on this one.

Now Kaley Lillie, she’d get in on the fun, earning the score for the Sabers on this play.

How about Devine, she’ll use the net to her advantage, nice ace their for the Black Knights, but in the end, Susquehanna Valley, too much for Windsor as the Sabers take this one, three sets to zero.

Watch the highlights above!