ENDWELL, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Among the most successful programs in all of Section IV sports, one that is at the top of the list is the Maine-Endwell Boys Swimming and Diving team.

The Spartans recently won their 12th consecutive Section IV championship, a streak that dates back to the 2011-2012 season and includes 6 state championships, including last year. 

After so many wins, you might think the excitement might fade, but for the Maine-Endwell Spartans, earning another section title just does not get old. 

“Every year it’s still just as exciting to know that we accomplished that every year,” Senior swimmer Billy Gorman said.

That thrilling feeling that the Spartans have gotten each of the last 12 seasons is also special because of the bond that they share together as teammates. 

“I think it’s incredible that we’ve gotten it for 12 years in a row,” Senior swimmer Conner Steele said. “It’s always an amazing feeling we can participate in that group and win that all together, so it’s just a feeling of camaraderie.”

To find consistent success for so long, it takes a program that is built to accomplish its goals year in and year out.

With another banner set to be added at the M-E aquatics center, the Spartans showed that once again this season. 

“It says a lot about the culture that we’ve built here at the Maine-Endwell aquatics center there,” Coach Andrew Krise said. “Culture that extends from the cultures of the other sports programs here at Maine-Endwell.”

This streak dates back to the 2011-2012 season, which for the seniors on this team, takes them back to elementary school, meaning for these Spartans, they were tasked with carrying on a legacy from the athletes that began it all.  

“It’s amazing, I barely remember those days,” Steele said. “It’s crazy to believe that the people that I’m following after, we’re still winning after them and we’re still fulfilling their legacy.”

With the season winding down and the seniors’ time with the program soon to be over, Billy Gorman, a 5-year member of the squad, talked about what he will think of when he looks back on his time with the team.

“I think the great memories I have with all my teammates and the memories that we’ve always had,” Gorman said. “And the fact we’ve won for 5 years. It’s always gonna be a huge factor in my life because it’s been such a big part of me for so long.”

A whole lot of memories made, and a lot of championships won for the Spartans during this incredible run. 

The journey is not over yet for Maine-Endwell, they will be competing in the state tournament this upcoming weekend, qualifying in the 200-meter medley relay and the 200-meter freestyle relay.