BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Yesterday, the Professional Box Lacrosse Association announced that the remainder of the 2023 season will be cancelled.

Anyone who purchased season tickets will be contacted and issued a full refund, said the league.

“We made a difficult decision to postpone the remainder of the inaugural season,” said owner Carmen Kesner. “Our vision is to implement a fast, physical, safe, and exciting experience for our fans and players.  We believe we have been able to create this experience, but we feel there are elements we need to improve upon.  For that reason, we are halting the season to re-organize the league and team operations.”

Binghamton’s team, the Bombers, were 1-2 on the season. There were 11 more games scheduled for this year.

The PBLA has appointed a new CEO, Brad Bryant, who hopes to keep the league up and running in the future.

“I’m excited about what is in store for this league.  My goal is to take Mr. Kesner’s concept to the next level and create a sustainable product for years to come that both the players and the fans can be proud of.”

According to league organizers, this was a necessary decision and they recognize the support of loyal lacrosse fans.