BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Another week of games has come and gone and with it, some phenomenal highlights on the court and on the ice, leading us to this week’s edition of the NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5, Jasmine Graham of the Newark Valley Girls Basketball team ignores the contact and makes the And-1 bucket in the Cardinals win over Union-Endicott.

Number 4, Jalen Reardon of the Sidney Boys Basketball team makes a chase down block to stop a fast break 3-pointer then scores on the other end.

Number 3, Nikita Ivashkin of the Binghamton Black Bears scores on a lucky roll after the goalie got a piece of the shot.

Number 2, Kashif Summers of the Binghamton Boys Basketball team makes an acrobatic shot and picks up the foul against Johnson City.

Number 1, Hazel Bennet of the Deposit-Hancock Girls Basketball team makes a buzzer beater 3-point shot to end the first quarter.