BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Last week provided some great games in local sports, leading to our new edition of the NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5, Denai Bowman feeds Genevieve Coleman with a nice pass for the BU Women’s Basketball team.

Number 4, Alyssa Specchio grabs an offensive rebound then passes to Helena Willis for the 3-pointer for the Chenango Forks Girls Basketball team.

Number 3, Felix Morales converts the alley oop on a pass from Tameem Abdul’Qahhar for the Johnson City Boys Basketball team.

Number 2, Sarah Somers drives to the hoop, then splits the defense and picks up the And-1 for the Whitney Point Girls Basketball team.

Number 1, Andrey Lavrinovich completes the alley oop on the inbounds pass for the Chenango Forks Boys Basketball team.