VESTAL, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Competing for a National Championship is something that not many people get to do in their lifetimes.

For the BC United 2009 Girls Soccer team, they get to do just that this summer at the US Youth Soccer National Championship at the ESPN Sports Resort in Orlando, Florida.

“I’m very excited, I think it’s a great opportunity for us,” BC United Midfielder Makenzie Olmsted said.

The opportunity in front of this team, the chance to win a tournament and become the best team in the country.

When they qualified to participate in the National Championship tournament, the team was thrilled.

“We were very excited,” BC United Midfielder Jocelyn Turshman said. “It’s just so cool to play with all of these other teams.”

Reaching this level of competition is not something to be taken lightly as BC United will be playing in a tournament as one of the best of the best in the nation.

“This is not an easy thing to accomplish and qualify for,” Head Coach Chris Riley said. “It is a national championship with the final 16 teams in the country.”

To get to this point, a lot of hard work has been put in over years in order for this group to earn their spot in a National Championship Tournament.

“It took a lot of practice and effort for us to get determined to go, and as a team, succeed,” Olmsted said.

For a team at any level to find success, chemistry is a key.

This team is no different, as the girls have a lot of fun playing the game of soccer together.

“It’s very fun because they’re like my family,” Turshman said. “They’re my second family. I know all of them very well and they’re just amazing, I just love playing with them.”

This team is a part of the BC United soccer club that features high level soccer teams for many age groups, an organization that provides the opportunity for local players to develop their skills on the field.

“It’s just a joy to see the kids training and playing,” Director of Coaching and Coaching Education Paul Marco said. “Our Girls are here tonight, last night the boys were here. So, it’s wonderful.”

All of that training for the 2009 Girls team has put them in a position to compete for a title.

Something that has the team excited and ready to work towards that goal.

“The girls, like I said, they’re just so excited for this opportunity,” Riley said. “And they’re really gonna do whatever it takes over these next 5 months to try to accomplish this goal and win a national championship.”

Certainly, an incredible achievement just to qualify for the National Championship tournament down in Florida, but it could get even better.

The tournament will be played from July 17th through the 23rd, so still plenty of time for the squad to get prepared.

In the meantime, Coach Riley says they’ll have plenty of league and tournament games over the next few months.

Good luck down in Florida this summer, Broome County may be getting a National Champion in just a few months’ time.