The Greatest of All Time are coming back to Jeopardy! for a solid hour of game play.

“Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time” will air on ABC/WIVT on Tuesday, January 7th from 8-9 pm.

Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer, the top earners of all time, will all be back in a heated completion for the ultimate champion.

At stake is a one million dollar prize, with the two runners up taking home $250,000.

It isn’t a one night event, either – the tournament will run from January 7th to 9th with the potential for as needed games.

Meet the Competitors:


Ken Jennings became a household name during his record 74-game winning streak, the longest in “JEOPARDY!” history. His winnings total $3,370,700.


Brad Rutter is the highest money winner of all time across any television game show, with total “JEOPARDY!” winnings of $4,688,436. He has never lost “JEOPARDY!” to a human opponent.


James Holzhauer holds the record for all 15 of the top single-day winnings records on “JEOPARDY!,” and just won the 2019 Tournament of Champions. His winnings total $2,712,216.