Windsor Central School arranges “2020” spelled out in buses

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WINDSOR, NY – A local school’s transportation department decided to pay tribute to its seniors in a way only they can.

The Windsor Central School District bus drivers organized the spelling of 2020 in school buses for their seniors on Friday, May 9th.

It took 3 hours to maneuver the 22 buses around the parking lot, as well as write the names of 119 seniors in chalk.

They also stationed someone on the roof of the school, sending down pictures so adjustments could be made.

Bus Driver Nancy Flanagan says it was important for her department to do something, as she watched many seniors grow up and never got to say goodbye.

“Over the years we end up being like their, not only their transportation but their, almost like a counselor, the disciplinarian. We hold many hats we don’t just sit there and drive the bus, so these children become our children the longer we have them on the bus. They’re one of ours,” says Flanagan.

Flanagan says many seniors were able to come to the school to see the display for themselves.

The 9th was also supposed to be the date of Windsor’s prom.

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