Vaping ban stopped, some New York State lawmakers are still hoping to push ban through

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ALBANY, NY – New York State lawmakers are continuing the fight against the sale of flavored tobacco products.

This after a judge ruled against the state’s flavored vaping ban put into place through executive action.

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca has the latest on where things stand.

The state’s emergency regulation to ban flavored vaping products was deemed unconstitutional by a recent court decision.

And, now some lawmakers are taking it a step further, hoping to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products.

((Linda Rosenthal, Assemblymember))
It is about stopping the next generation of kids from becoming addicted to cigarettes, nicotine, cigars, chewing tobacco–everything else that is meant to line the pockets of companies who don’t care about the effects of their insidious campaigns.

Mint and menthol will also be included in the list of banned flavors.

((Linda Rosenthal, Assemblymember))
My bill to end the sale of flavored tobacco will end the decades of predatory and racial targeting of minority communities by tobacco companies that have historically used menthol cigarettes to addict new generations to their products.

Meanwhile the Vapor Technology Association says…
If the New York legislature decides to wrongly focus on a flavor ban, then it should prepare for a black market where hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers seek out their flavored vapor products from unregulated sources, as opposed to from the well-regulated, professional retailers already licensed by the State to sell tobacco products.

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