Susquehanna County Democratic rally urges people to vote for Biden

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY – Democratic voters across the border in Pennsylvania held a gathering this morning to make sure other Democrats know they are not alone.

The rally, held off Route 1010 by the Susquehanna River in Hallstead, gave voters an opportunity to express why they are voting for Joe Biden over President Trump.

Some speakers offered scathing reviews of Trump’s presidency so far, including recent news about his tax returns.

Others called out the president because of attacks he has made against the Affordable Care Act, late Senator John McCain, and his handling of the education system.

Susquehanna County Native Gary Morgan says he cannot support someone who attacks veterans or the handicapped.

“Trump disparaged handicapped people. I receive 100 percent disability from the VA because I am disabled. I was in the Marine Corps. I was in Vietnam from ’65 to 66. Because you didn’t go into the service, doesn’t mean you’re not a good American. I’ve got friends that are good Americans that never were in the service,” says Morgan.

Susquehanna County is a Republican stronghold and is widely expected to support Trump in the battleground state.

After the rally, protesters lined up along Route 81 with signs they had been carrying attacking Trump and promoting Biden.

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