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WASHINGTON DC – The United States Supreme Court has given President Trump a mixed bag in two rulings about efforts to obtain the President’s financial records.

The court ruled against him, then sent cases back to lower courts so his lawyers can argue for them.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright shows us why the court ruled in this way.

In their last decision of the term The US Supreme Court said congress needs to find better reasons for looking into president trump’s tax returns.

{House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D/CA} the path that the supreme court has laid out is one that is clearly achievable by us and we will continue to go down that path.

After the ruling… House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats’ will keep working to gain access to the president’s finances.

Pelosi says the ruling upholds Congress’s authority to conduct oversight of the president.

{House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D/CA} He is not above the law

Seth Hanlon is with the Center for American Progress – he says the ruling is a mixed bag.

{Seth Hanlon, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress} Congress can subpoena those type of records, but ultimately they remanded the case and told the lower courts to apply a four part test.

Hanlon says that decision is blow to presidential accountability but in a related cases… the court ruled a New York State Prosecutor has a right to see the president’s finances.

{Seth Hanlon, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress} a criminal investigation against him can proceed and a New York grand jury just like in any case involving any citizen can subpoena evidence in that case.

In a statement Manhattan’s District Attorney praised the ruling saying:
“This is a tremendous victory for our nation’s system of justice…”

President Trump said… “…This is all a political prosecution…”

“Political witch hunt, the likes of which no one has ever seen before, it’s a pure which hunt, it’s a hoax,” added Trump.

And while the Grand Jury will see the documents, it’s not clear if they will ever become public.

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