SUNY Broome prepares to open in August with limited people on campus

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BINGHAMTON, NY – With the new school year only two months away, SUNY Broome is discussing its reopening plans.

The college outlined its plans, which are already approved by Albany, in a letter last week.

They will be operating at a 60/40 capacity, with 60% of classes remaining online and 40% in person.

Many classes and labs will have students come in shifts for social distancing purposes.

SUNY Broome President Kevin Drumm says the college just received results of a survey that stated 49% of students dislike distance learning and are eager to come back to in-person learning, which he says is not surprising.

“It’s not for everybody. It’s just not. Everybody has different learning styles, lots of people like to do things, they learn by doing things. They don’t learn by reading and seeing as well as others, others learn by reading and seeing fine. Many people want to do it and be involved in it and that’s how they learn best. And then, they can read about it,” says Drumm.

Drumm says according to the survey, 80% of students approved of how the school handled distance learning.

There will also be a support team on campus to assist all students who are continuing with online learning.

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