SUNY Broome microprocessor class shows off their final projects

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BINGHAMTON, NY – Students at SUNY Broome got to show off their final projects last week at their Applied Technology Center.

Professor Tom Grace’s Microprocessing class spent the semester building and wiring inventions that would stagger the imagination.

The main idea was to make lights blink, but some students went further than that.

One student built an automatic dog feeder for her pet, and another presented a Styrofoam plane that would fly itself.

Grace says his students enjoyed the class and task as much as they did presenting their final projects.

“If we had something that was, you know, less fun and more boring, you know they would not put the time in as much. So I think the key here is that within these projects, the students enjoy it, and they put the time into learning the material,” said Grace.

Grace says one year he had a student produce a robot that would play the popular video game Guitar Hero.

The robot would actually see the screen and push the buttons on the guitar accordingly.

Another student created an automatic lock-pick one year.

He says his students performed very well this year as well.

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