Scranton man stuck in sewage grate

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SCRANTON, PA – A dramatic rescue this morning, in frigid temperatures.

A man was found stuck inside of a “sewer catch basin” in Scranton.

It was an unusual incident for first responders on West Elm street this morning.

The man that got suck in the drain told first responders that he was walking along the Lackawanna River when he slipped on ice, fell into the water, when the current dragged him to the drain.

He then kept walking until he couldn’t go any further.

A taxi cab driver named Edwin Cole was driving by when he heard screams coming from the grate.

He saw the man stuck in the sewer catch bin and called 911.

It took a half an hour to get the man out.

He was transported to a Scranton hospital, no information was given on his condition or how he’d gotten in the grate.

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