Remarkable Women: Meet business owner Desiree DePersiis

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BINGHAMTON, NY – NewsChannel 34 is recognizing Remarkable Women in our area.

Over the next four weeks, we’ll be introducing you to four local women and their remarkable stories.

We begin tonight with a young woman who used obstacles as motivation in achieving her goal.

Desiree DePersiis is proof that dreams can come true.

She opened Tesorina Boutique in the Spring of 2017 and hasn’t looked back.

She enjoys helping her customers find the perfect outfit.

“There are many people that still want to come into a store, try clothes on, have a personal experience, be paid attention to,” says DePersiis.

But it wasn’t an easy road to get there.

She had to develop a business plan, then convince skeptical bankers and landlords that her idea was viable.

“People really not believing in the idea because I was so young, or because of the area, because there was nothing like it here. People weren’t sure how well it would do.”

DePersiis believes some of the doubt was because of her gender.

“I feel like it was harder for me as a woman, especially a young woman, because when I was starting Tesorina, I was 26 years-old. So, for people to actually take me seriously, I think was very difficult.”

DePersiis credits the assistance of her Small Business Development Center advisor Ken Homer, who believed in her plan, and the Binghamton Local Development Corporation and its former leader Bob Murphy who selected Tesorina Boutique as the winner of the city’s annual business plan competition.

Desiree’s mother Tanya nominated her in recognition of her perseverance.

“Desi had a dream and she never gave up on it. People told her ‘No.’ There were naysayers. She just went for it. She’s the type of girl if you tell her ‘No’ she’ll work harder,” says Tanya.

Tesorina, which means “little treasure” in Italian, sells clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products and home goods sourced from small New York City and Los Angeles companies as well as local designers and artists.

One way in which she gives back is by hosting local designers.

“Giving people an opportunity to come here and do a pop-up and say ‘Yes’ to somebody instead of saying ‘No’ like I was told so much.”

DePersiis says one secret to her success is exclusivity, she typically has only 6 pieces of a given item for sale.

The other is blending the brick and mortar with online by posting images of every new garment she receives to her Instagram account.

She says she’s formed a bond with many of her loyal customers.

“We really have been so successful. We’ve been open for almost 3 years now, and every year and every day, we’re just getting busier and busier.”

DePersiis says her future goals are to open other locations and to launch her own clothing line.

And she’s not prepared to take ‘No’ for an answer.

DePersiis is in the running for a trip to the Mel Robbins Show, which will air the week of March 23rd.

Next Tuesday, we’ll feature another one of our finalists.

You can see DePersiis’s full interview at Binghamton homepage dot com.

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