Protesters call to lower pharmaceutical prices

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BINGHAMTON – Activists in Binghamton gathered to demand an end to what they call pharmaceutical company price gouging.

Protesters were outside the Binghamton office of Congressman Anthony Brindisi yesterday calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to take on big pharmaceutical companies with action to lower drug prices.

Attendees shared stories of their own or loved ones where necessary medications were not covered by insurance and were too expensive to pay for out of pocket.

Indivisible Binghamton Co-Lead Linda Quilty is urging members of Congress to support the Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act which would allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

If the negotiating is not done in good faith, the Secretary could then hand out licenses for companies to produce generic versions of the drug.

Quilty says enough is enough.

“People who are lucky enough to have insurance, maybe they’re not effected right now. But somebody in their family may, somebody that they love may not be able to afford their insulin an they’re going to die because they can’t pay for it. It matters a lot, people need to care about other people if it doesn’t effect them. But if they only care about if it effects them it could effect them eventually,” she said.

Brindisi told NewsChannel 34 in a recent interview that high prescription drug costs and the need for more generics are issues he is focused on.

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