Poet and presenter comes to Calvin Coolidge for a Black History lesson

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BINGHAMTON, NY – Some Binghamton elementary students learned about Black History Thursday through song.

Poet and presenter Brenda Cave-James visited Calvin Coolidge this morning to talk about American slavery, Harriet Tubman, and much more.

Cave-James stood on stage in front of a lot of students singing songs, and some students even came on stage to join her.

Everyone sang songs like Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and plenty of others.

Cave-James says it is important for young children to know even the worst parts of American history.

“Slavery is a hard history to teach, but we cannot sugarcoat it, and we cannot leave it out. It’s just hard. You have to find that balance to be age appropriate. They were on the ball. The kids were on the ball, so obviously the educators are on the ball. I applaud them,” says Cave-James.

The poet was surprised when some students gave out facts about Tubman and the underground railroad, and even led in singing.

She was thrilled when one student said that Harriet Tubman was not her real name.

Instead, it was Araminta Ross.

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