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BINGHAMTON, NY – A major construction project that will change the face of Binghamton’s south side is underway.

Mirabito’s plan to build a convenience store plus a number of other additions on Washington Street took effect today.

The 5 million dollar process began this morning with the demolition of an office building on Mary Street, opening land that project officials say will be used for an entry way.

The new property will house the convenience store, a 2-story People’s bank, and an unnamed coffee house.

The famous Number 5 building will remain up, and will get refurbished for other businesses.

Pritchard Property Development Owner Brett Pritchard says he and his team did a lot of work to make sure this plan was good to go.

“There was an iconic restaurant, there was two historic buildings. It’s almost half of a city block. The concerns with the convenience store, we spent a ton of time meeting with a lot of neighborhood groups and going through the whole process to try to alleviate some of those concerns,” says Pritchard.

1 of the most common issues with the project in city council hearings was that there is already a Mirabito station and store a tenth of a mile away from where the new store will be.

Mirabito Energy Products President and CEO Joe Mirabito says the new place will get more jobs done quicker.

“It can’t provide the services that we normally would provide. It can’t provide the customer experience that we want to try to create. We’ll get this one up, get the services in here, and see how it impacts that other store,” says Mirabito.

Like the Number 5 building, the La Tazza will also be renovated for office space.

The convenience store will be approximately 7,000 square feet.

Pritchard says construction on the store itself could wrap up by the Spring of 2021.

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