New poll shows mental impact on New Yorkers

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How are you handling the COVID-19 crisis?

A new Nexstar Media Group Emerson College Poll gives some insight into how many Americans are dealing with upheaval.

NewsChannel 34’s Trevor Shirley reports.

A new Nexstar/Emerson College poll in one of the nation’s coronavirus hot spots says despite job losses and financial worries, New Yorkers fear most for their health.

Spencer Kimball, Dir. of Emerson College Polling says, “and generally speaking there is a rise of concern of actually catching the virus.”

And Emerson College Director of Polling Spencer Kimball says another major takeaway from the survey is the impact of social distancing.

“we certainly know that what’s underlying some of these issues is mental health, and even if people aren’t expressing that publicly, we’re seeing this in the data.”

24% of residents said mental health has been the biggest impact of social isolation.

“people are feeling lonely, they’re feeling isolated, higher anxiety levels and depression levels,” says Kimball.

Kimball says the type of mental impact depends on a person’s age.

“older people are reporting higher levels of isolation, but younger people are reporting higher levels of anxiety and depression.”

If there is an upside, Kimball says that data shows lifestyle changes feel less jarring than several weeks ago.

“and what that means is people are kind of settling into this new normal that they’re living.”

Yet despite that, data shows a majority, 54%, of those polled don’t think their lives will ever return to exactly how they were before the pandemic.

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