New act could help with hunger and increase restaurant business

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WASHINGTON, DC – The COVID19 Anti-Hunger Restaurant Relief for You Act could help eliminate hunger and help save restaurants from the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus shut down.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports it would expand the SNAP restaurant meals program to allow more Americans who need nutritional assistance to use their cards at restaurants that can use the business.

{Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT} We don’t want this crisis to be a mass extinction event for the restaurant industry

With many restaurants cut off from customers, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy has plan to help those struggling businesses and those looking for their next meal.

{Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT} Allowing more people with food benefits to be able to get their food from restaurants we’re providing some critical business.

Murphy’s is proposing legislation to temporarily allow food stamps to be used at restaurants.

{Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT} frankly grocery stores are not the safest place for everybody right now. And there are a lot of restaurants open and delivering meals…

And as unemployment numbers increase – New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she wants to see SNAP benefits increase.

{Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D/NY} We’re trying to make the benefits that people have access to – more generous, we want to give more food to more people.

But Republicans like New York Congressman Tom Reed say the response to food insecurity must be laser focused on the pandemic.

{***Congressman Tom Reed, R/NY ***} I’m open to supporting that effort, but if you’re talking about fundamentally proposing these changes that are permanent for the future of America I will not support that.

Reed says any expansion should expire after the pandemic is over.

{Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D/NY} Unfortunately Mitch McConnell and senate republicans have blocked adding more money for food stamps in the last four bills so hopefully in this next bill it will be included.

Senator Gillibrand says the next steps will be getting Senate Republicans on board.

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